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Vibrational Resonance - Frequency Therapy

Combining Leading-Edge Technologies With Age-Old Practices to Restore Your Life-Force and Harmonize Your Fequency


Everything in the universe is vibrating.  By coming into a state of Vibrational Resonance, you can transmute anxiety, stress, and fear into higher frequencies of peace, joy and love.


Vibrational Resonance turns up the dial of your frequency!

Albert Einstein said, “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequency.”


The future is here.


Experience Frequency Therapy.  From BEMER’s patented PEMF waves, to Reiki waves, to Sonic Gong and Scent waves, Vibrational Resonance creates a state of deep relaxation and restoration. 


Combined, these therapeutic tools assist in transforming energetic imprints from the micro vessel to the macro biofield. 


Groundbreaking in the field of Electroceuticals, BEMER’s low frequency wave, designed to mimic the Schumann’s Resonance, or frequency of the Earth, is the key to this FDA registered Class 2 medical device.


BEMER Vascular Therapy increases circulation, brings more oxygen to the cells, and removes toxins and metabolic waste more efficiently.


Simultaneously Reiki, or Universal Life Force Energy is channeled, promoting healing, stress reduction, and relaxation.


Shamans understand that all dis-ease exists first within the biofield.  The term biofield was coined by scientists from the National Institute of Health to describe the detectable electromagnetic energy, as well as the more subtle energy, and information surrounding the human body.  Shamanic journeying may also be included to remove energetic blocks or deleterious cords, clear the chakras, or shift the energy of past events.


Healing sound vibrations, including a sonic gong massage also assists in bringing the body and biofield into harmonization.

Alison Jolicoeur, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher,  guides you to experience a state of vibrational resonance, healing, and alignment with your highest self and your life's purpose. She creates a safe space for her clients, and her heart-centered approach allows for deep relaxation and healing to occur. 

Would you like to feel more grounded, expansive, peaceful, and healthy?


Alison is an incredibly gifted person who helped me at a very vulnerable time in my life. Between her personal insight and deeper understanding of how humans function on a kinetic level, Alison is able to bring her unique abilities to the table which could best be described as having a life changing impact on individuals lives, especially mine. Highly recommend and will be back again!

~Nicholas Spitzer

I met Alison a few years ago. She is such a beautiful soul, an amazing bright light. It was like the universe connected us. I somehow was guided to her and she was able to offer me an amazing Reiki Healing Session. We stayed in touch throughout the years. Not only is she an amazing Shamanic Reiki Healer, she is the most amazing teacher. I was so blessed to learn from her and I completed my Level 1 & 2 training with her. I am currently doing the Master Training and it's just the most magical experience. I've learned to connect so much more with the earth, more than ever before. I am so much more relaxed, calm, and at peace with who I am. I would HIGHLY recommend :) Alison is amazing!!!!!

~Melissa Green

"Alison has been instrumental in my healing from my life long struggles with depression and anxiety.  There are places that prescription pills, yoga and positive quotes have not been able to touch. Alison has somehow reached in between the cracks to release these areas for me. I feel a new sense in living and my gratitude can not be expressed enough."

Matt Schwartz


Vascular Therapy

In Just 8 Minutes...

Shamanic Reiki Healing


Shamanic Reiki combines two powerful forms of healing. Reiki, which is defined as “Universal Life Energy”  and Shamanic Practices such as removing intrusions, cord removal, and clearing energy blocks.


Shamanic Reiki sessions are intuitively guided and utilize techniques such as journeying with the assistance of drums, rattles, crystals, chanting and other sound healing devices.  In addition, healing sessions may include breathing practices, guided visualizations, aromatherapy, meditations and movement.


People can experience benefits in the following areas:

  • Relief from physical pain

  • Lifting anxiety and stress

  • Healing the energy imprint of physical dis-ease

  • Deep relaxation and restoration

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Expanded awareness and intuition

  • Release of self-sabotaging habits

  • Release of toxic relationships

  • Reconnection with nature and spirit

  • Renewed focus and clarity of purpose

Shamanic Reiki Practitioner Training

Gain hands-on experience in healing work in this Shamanic Reiki Healing Master Practitioner Training.

Shamanism teaches us to use the powers of nature to heal. In the ancient system of Reiki, we channel life force energy to heal and restore balance. In this master level certification program, guided by two established teachers of shamanism and healing, we experience the combined powers of shamanic and Reiki healing and apply detailed, proven methods to enhance our healing skills for practice with others and for personal well-being. Through ancient practices and dynamic group and partner exchanges, we gain hands-on experience in healing work.

We apply Shamanic Reiki approaches to:

• Expand consciousness and work with spirit guides

• Balance energetic trauma and shift attachment to past events• Remove energy intrusions using advanced methods

• Cut energetic cords to clear energy of negative or non-beneficial influences• Attune to the master Reiki energy via symbols, plants, and transmission• Conduct comprehensive absentee healing sessions• Guide clients in shamanic journeying• Shamanically travel to prevent soul loss and restore soul qualities• Initiate as healers through ancient fire ceremony (optional if available)• Explore and examine the ethics of healing and practice• Work with Past lives and Karmic imprints

• Integrate Reiki with Tibetan, Maya, Quechua, and Siberian practices and sacred items

Chakra Yoga and Gong Bath


Rooted in Kundalini Yoga, Chakra Yoga activates your Kundalini, creative life-force energy, raising this energy through the chakras, into your body, and your life!

Classes combine exercises that focus on building strength and increasing flexibility with powerful breathing techniques, mantras, meditations, deep relaxation and Gong Bath. Previous yoga experience is not needed and results can be felt immediately. 


The gong is said to be the greatest tool of the Yogi. To play the gong is to the play the universe itself. Yogi Bhajan, the master of the technology of Kundalini Yoga taught that out of the gong came all music, all sounds, and all words--the sound of the gong being the nucleus of the Word. The gong is not an instrument--it is pure reinforced vibration and is the only tool that can produce space vibrations.

Personalized Health Coaching


Have you ever received good advice that you were unable to follow?  Has your doctor ever recommended a lifestyle change that you found to be unsustainable?  Have you ever wanted something in your life, but found you couldn’t achieve it alone? 


Health Coaches are knowledgeable advisors who provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness.  As your Health Coach, I will listen carefully and help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine what changes are necessary for you.


Your personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

The Field - Creating A Healing Field Through Music

The Field is a co-creation between talented composer/pianist and singer Alison Jolicoeur, and multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer, Chris Toland.  Together they create a modern Kirtan for the New Age that bridges the East and West, technology and spirituality, traditional and contemporary styles of music.  The interweaving of textured vocals, electronic and acoustic sounds, soulful lyrics and chants, blend together to create a harmonizing, heartfelt, musical experience to uplift, inspire, and heal. 

Second Chance Foods - Elevating the Health of People and the Planet Through Food Rescue

Beacon of Light Wellness supports Second Chance Foods, a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing unsold, un-served, and aesthetically imperfect food and distributing it in an effort to reduce food waste and food insecurity. 


Contact Us

Beacon of Light Wellness

21 Old Main St. Suite 207 Fishkill, NY

Tel: 845-202-3515


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Alison Jolicoeur

Alison Jolicoeur, owner and founder of Beacon of Light Wellness, is a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Kundalini and Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Certified Health Coach, and Singer-Songwriter. She has been teaching yoga for 18 years and has been coaching clients since 2013. She decided to become a Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher to help empower and heal individuals on a soul level. 

Alison guides you to restore your life-force energy, experience a state of vibrational healing, and align with your highest self and your life's purpose.  She creates a safe space for her clients, and her heart-centered approach allows for deep relaxation and healing to occur. 

Alison is a Mother, Wellness Warrior, and Friend. She has been where you are now. She’s had to struggle through all of life’s challenges and get back up. She’s had to find the light at the end of the tunnel, and she’s had to make her way through unimaginable darkness to reach that light. 

And she WILL help you find yours.

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